About us

MAKSAN Company, established in the city of Malatya  in  1974, manufactures power and distribution transformers under the  licence  agreement  of British firm Bonar-Long at its 120.000 square meter outdoor and  12.000 indoor facilities. R&D group  MAKSAN perfected its own brand name  product in an short time prove the  acumen in cutting edge technologies, delivering high quality products.

Challenging innovations  by using  the  best manufacturing equipments  & machineries, MAKSAN earned reputation  as the  hallmark of transformer industry.

With more than  45 years of experience  in the transformers  production sector, MAKSAN not only  sells its products to the domestic market, but also exports  them to three different  continents.

MAKSAN has  manufactured more than  90.000 transformers in 48 year for various sectors, public, private  enterprises  and output  capacity of MAKSAN 3.500 MVA or 5.000 pieces of transformers per year.