Technicial Specifications


Core,being the kernel and the key element of the transformers, is made of grain oriented magnetic slicon steel steets. MAKSAN produces core either by using convertional materials or highly magnetic permeable materials (HB) that vary according to specifications of the project. MAKSAN inventories contain high level HB material at all times.

This makes it possible for MAKSAN to design and produce rational, low level loss transformers which are durable to high magnetic induction. With the European equipments, roll sheet metal slitting and cut-to-lenght-line machines, MAKSAN shapes the main frame for core production. Potential deformations, which occur during the opening of the roll, sliting and lenght cutting processes, are perfectly corrected by using additional furnace process.

The material recovery system used in MAKSAN production lines are rarely found&applied at other transformer producers. Advance designs with high precision yield production of low level loss transformer cores which are extremelly resistant to high magnetic flux density.


Cylindrical coils are used in used in power and distrubution transformers since they posses a significant endurance as opposed to the power generated in the course of short circuit events. Except for the HV (High Voltage) coils used in small type distribution transformers, LV (Low Voltage) and HV conductors are isolated in wire insulator machines with very high insulation materials. In coil production, enviromental friendly, cellulose containing insulator materials are used. Conductors are exposed to additional insulation processes according to their specific functionalities. Transformers gain enhanced robustness to the excessive atmospheric stress as the wires are isolated in two dimensions by using horizontal and vertical conductor insulator machines. Owing to pay extreme attention to the mentioned issues, MAKSAN makes a significant difference among other transformer manufacturers. LV coils in distribution transformers are produced by using flat or band material; however, HV coil production is achieved by using flat or round conductors. In power transformers, layer winding, folded winding, radial channeled winding etc. are the primary techniques used in MAKSAN production facility.


Not including the radiators and the corrugated walls, all of the parts for tank and cover production for power and distribution transformers are made in our plant.

Tanks and cover are manufactured at a faster speed with high-tech equipments in accordance with the technical parameters and drawings of the specific project with high quality standards. Prior to body coating of the tanks, detailed leakage test is applied. In line with customer demands, bushing coverage and cable box production is also available in the standards of TS, IEC and BS.


After passing through the testing process succesfully, transformer tanks need to be refined from lubricant, dirt and dust in order enhance the contact of the dyestuff to adhere to the metal surface. For this reason, tanks and all metal components are expoesed to sand blasting process. Metal parts are undercoated with special safety primers once or several times. Since transformers tanks are subject to tough air conditions for long years, they are coated with 105 micron thick, climate retardant paints.


Building components which are the active part of the transformers are assembled in the installation phase. Coils are placed in the core. Tap changer, bushings and all other connections are assembled. Some parts are subjected to additional isolation againist excessive stress. Active part is reinforced to gain extra mechanical durability. Following the installation process, active part is subjected to drying process in vapour phase vacuum furnace ( vacuum furnace with solvent vapour ). Conventional drying procedure takes five times longer than drying in vapour phase vacuum furnaces. The more time drying process takes, the insulation materials used in transformers in aged more. Reducing the drying period bu using vapour phase operated vacuum furnaces constitutes an obstacle againist the aging of the isolation materials. Spraying with the solvent stream eliminates the undesired lubricant, dirt, dust and trash on all over the surface and the cavites of the transformer. It is extremely important for hermetic and power transformer production to use high level vacuum performance solvent vapour phase operated vacuum furnaces. MAKSAN takes advantage of solvent vapour phase operated vacuum furnaces in production and reparation of transformers at all times.

Following drying process, transformers are automatically filled with transformer oil under high level vacuum ( below 0.1 millibar ).