MAKSAN testing  laboratory is an accredited laboratory in  accordance with TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standart, which is conducted by TURKAK.

Routine and  type  tests specified in  TS EN 60076-1 standards, can be  assessed in  our test laboratories with the exception of short-circuit mechanical withstand ability type tests and special chemical transformer oil tests. Short  circuits mechanical withstand ability type tests for all products groups have  been conducted out at the accredited international laboraties and results have been positive.


Routine  tests has been applied to every transformer which is produced in line with TS EN 60076-1 and  IEC standarts.

1.  Measurement of voltage ratio and  check of phase displacement,
2.  Measurement of winding resistance,
3.  Measurement of short circuit impedance and load losses,
4.  Measurement of no-load losses and no-load current,
5.  Applied voltage withstand  ability test ( Body test ),
6.  Induced voltage withstand ability test,
7.  Measurement of insulation resistance  ( Megger test ),
8.  Leak testing with pressure for liquit-immersed transformers,
9.  Test on on-load tap changers, where appropriate,


Type  tests are applied upon customer request.

1.  Temperature rise test,
2.  Impulse test,
3.  Measurement of no load losses and current at 90% and 110% of rated voltage,
4.  Determination of sound level,
5. Measurement of power consumption of liquit pump and fans.


Special tests are applied upon customer request.

1.  Measurement of zero sequence impedance,
2.  Measurement of oil dielectic withstand and breakdown voltage level,
3.  Measurement  power factor of transformer oil and  solid insulation materials,
4.  Paint thickness measurement,
5.  Function test of  alarm and protective,
6.  Measurement of dissipation factor of the  insulation  system capacitances.

The test  reports of all  delivered transformers are recorded, and through our  advanced archiving system, the reports of each  transformer delivered in the last 25 year are available upon request. Statistics related to test is recorded and kept up to date as well.