R&D Center

Our company started production with the Bonar-Long licence in the first years of its establisment and in a short time developed sustainable Maksan Project Norms (MAP) based on science, research and development.

R&D culture is integral part of our Design and Production for over 48 years. We decided to our research and development activities to an advanced stage in 2018, and October 16, 20183 with the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we officially established “MAKSAN R&D CENTER.”

Our R&D center;

It consist of 127 m² office, 176 m²of laboratory and test area, and the total area for the R&D department is 303 m².

In the upcoming period, we will not only be limited to our products that we design and manufacture, but also to increase research and development activities in all other issues directly related to our production, from machine design to workflow process and material, and in this sense, we will both Our primary goal is to increase our R&D personnel.

Our Short, Medium and Long Term R&D / Design Strategies:

Maksan R&D Department blends its own experience and know-how with the sectoral developments in the world and scientific studies at universities in order for all transformers produced to reach optimum quality-cost levels.

MAKSAN has adopted many strategies such as creating projects, ensuring the correct management of innovatetive ideas in all processes, developing more competitive products, reducing costs while increasing quality and increasing customer satisfaction as a result.

Maksan R&D Department has adopted strategies to increase efficiency of work flow, process, machinery and equipment development, and to reach optimum efficiency and quality levels, together with product development studies.