Distribution and Medium Voltage Power Transformers

According to the customer’s purchase order specification, MAKSAN has manufactured transformers in various power and voltage and also to meet special purposes.

MAKSAN’s product groups are as follows;

Power Transformers;

  • 2500 kVA – 40 MVA Power, 36 kV Voltage Level

Distribution Transformers (Expansion Tank or Hermetic)

  • 25 kVA – 5 MVA Power, 36 kV Voltage Level

On-Load Tap Changer Transformers

Auto Transformers

Mono Phase Transformers

Arc Furnace / Furnace Transformers

Step-Up, Step-Down Power Transformers

Grounding Transformers

Current Rectifier / Phase Shifter Transformers

MAKSAN manufactures transformers in in its product range with different cooling properties such as ONAN, ONAF, OFWF, KNAF, in accordance with is technique.

All transformers are produced in accordance with  TS EN 60076, TS EN 50464-1, IEC 60354, IEC 60076, 42500 DIN and similar international norms and standrds.