MAKSAN transformers of, in order to demonstrate the performance of the plant delivered by experts in certain periods elements on the client proposes to pay attention to the issues specified.

It needs to be done by the customer:

– by the customer’s competent staff, after being taken to ensure that power has been cut and grounding done;

– At least 6 months transformer terminal connection must be checked once, it must be frequently relaxation should take measures to be loosened again.

– Connectivity in the oxidation and discoloration should be cleaned and have investigated why.

– Cooling acting corrugated walls or radiators cleaned, porcelain bushing is present must be removed.

– the expansion tank of the transformer, the oil level and the oil color must be checked, Buchholz relay and the rotary contact thermometers functions should be tested.

– At least 1 times per year; dehumidifying a drying element in which is to be replaced also by taking samples from the transformer oil breakdown voltage and power factor to be subjected to test.

Please read the instruction manual that is delivered together with the transformer carefully!

Displaced persons skilled care:

In the factory environment that does not require repair issues should be made on the spot by experts.

Repair elimination of faults:

Load and no-load tap-changer failures, is not damaged and HV winding major faults is the class, it is repaired in the factory environment.