Standard Transformer Specifications

Voltage Type 3 phase alternative
Operating frequency 50 Hz
Service type Continuous service
Altitude of installation place Below 1.000m, unless specified otherwise
Voltage regulation range With 5 steps off-load tap changer art HV side
Over voltage Continuous operating under 5% over voltage
Temporary over load According to IEC 60354
Cooling method Oil natural, air natural ( ONAN )
Heating limit of winding 65 K according to TS EN 60076 and IEC 60076
Vector groups and connection Yzn or Dyn vector group for rated power up to 200 kVA, Dyn vector group for rated power 250 kVA and above. Connection: 5 or 11
Iron and copper losses, short circuit impedance, voltage, exciting current As specified in TS and international standardsi IEC-DIN-BS