Magnetic and  mechanical oil  level  indicator

Theese instruments are  primarily used  for  detection of levels of oil  used  for cooling and isolation  purposes.  These are  mainly prismatic indicator, magnetic indicator and  contact-magnetic  indicator types. Level can be  monitored on a  point scaled indication. Single indicators are used in distribution transformers with the conservator tanks; however mechanical alarm-switched indicators are used in power transformers as a standard. In case of a  customer  request, mechanical type alarm-switched oil level indicator can be installed on  distribution transformer.

Air Dryer / Air Dehumidifier

Transformer oil should be well  protected from ambient air & humidity in order to  preserve its  funcrionality. Air  dryers are installed on a specific surface of the conservator tanks to supply dry air with the  system. According to the customers requests, rubber made flexible “atmoseal” technique is used in  order to cut  the contact of transformer oil with the air in power transformers.

Pressure Relief Valve

In case of a  rapid overload and short cicuit situations, increase in internal pressure is undesirable.  Both  hermetic type distribution  and power  transformers are equipped with “pressure Relief Valves” to avoid internal pressure rise above the envisaged maximal values. Pressure valves in  power transformers are made of  mechanical type with double contact, alarm and  tripping. Small capacity distribution transformers have contactless pressure relief valves. Distribution transformers with conservator tank included are also  applicable to be  equipped with “Pressure Relief Valves” for customer requests.

Buchholz Relay

In the  event of a malfunction  or a defect on the active part of the transformer, this may  cause a sudden temperature increase, which leads to a gas formation inside  the tank. “Buchholz/Gas” relay is  installed between tank and  conservator tank  junction, signals give  alarm or tripping, depending on the level of gas accumulated. This alarm mechanism conserves the system and prevents further damages. The accessory is mainly  used for transformers with conservator tanks that work at  and over 630 kVA power range. On customers  requests, this equipment can also be  furnished with smaller power rate  transformers.

Oil  Temperature  Indicator With Contacts

Transformers oil temperature, being higher than a  specific value, is  not a desired situation during  the operation  and usually the oil  temperature  axceeds the applicable  range. This accessory functions  not only as an alarm signal with is  first level  contact but also sends tripping signal to  circuit breaker  opening  between  source and  transformer at the second  level contact. These functions  keep the  transformer safe and  prevent  it from  further damages. Transformers rated  power 630 kVA and above are equipped with oil temperature indicator as  a  standard. Small transformers  can also be  equipped with oil  temperature indicator with double contact  for customers requests.

Multi Function Hermetic Protection  Device / Hermetic  Protection Relay

This  is a  compact  protection  and security device that  handles pressure, temperature  and  gas exit protections  all together. It is applied for hermetic transformers with power rate from 630 kVA to  2500 kVA and  it  is  mounted  top of the  cover  of the transformer tank. On the customer request, the  low-level power rate  transformers can also be equipped with this protection relay as well.